EX4GERADO was a very successful Valentine's Day campaign for Vivo, in honor to the 30th anniversary of the song "Exagerado" (Exaggerated) by singer Cazuza - considered one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian Rock.

We were invited by the Africa agency to produce the technology of a "second-screen" project version where the user syncs his / her smartphone with the video in the PC and interacts by controlling the actions of an exaggerated cupid. This way, the user not only watches additional content, but becomes part of storytelling.

The project had more than 32 million views with an average of 2.20 minutes spent by users in the experience.
Campus Party Workshop
As a leader of Wunderman's technology team, I was also invited to give a workshop at Campus Party - the largest technology event in Brazil - to talk about the technologies we used in the project and the technical challenges.
Client:  Africa / Vivo
Product: 4G
Agency: Wunderman
Project managers: Marcia Sumie and Igor Andrade
Technology director: Bruno Mosconi
Tecnology manager: Rafael Fragoso
Technical lead: André Mattos and Lucas Bertin
Developers: Lucas Bertin, Jack Lee, André Mattos, Fernando Basílio, Thiago Carreno, Glauco Yano, Caio Bassetti, Laércio Vacca
Quality assurance: Marcia Sumie
Motion design: Diogo Mangiacavalli and Rogê Rodrigues

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