Soldiers For Peace
Soldiers For Peace was an ambitious and daring mission to turn ordinary citizens into lean, mean, peace-making machines. We disarmed toy soldiers and turned people into model figurines of themselves as Peace Soldiers. We also helped to raise money for Mercy Relief, and got the likes of Antoinette, 28 HongKong Street, Array, 3D Matters, Bobbi's Pole Studio and the Bettr Barista Coffee Academy involved.

Our aim was to spread the Soldiers For Peace message all over the world — to gather the public to work together towards a day of ceasefire and non-violence. We may not be living in an area of conflict, but we remember that peace is not a given.

I am a Soldier of Peace involved us hacking three Xbox Kinects and hooking them up to a computer as 3D scanners. With the help of a MakerBot, we were able to scan and 3D print models of citizen heros on the spot.

Production Credits

André Mattos – Kinect hacking
Array – Modified toy soldiers and cardboard furniture
3D Matters – 3D printing
Awards & Accolades

The D&AD White Pencil Awards shortlist (27 Nov 2012)

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